My experience of Church planting In Jesus Lifehouse Osaka International Church has been amazing.

I started church planting when I was 21 years old with a small team of Aussies and 2 japanese.

Getting saved in a discipling church meant that winning your friends and training leaders was normal. I was very blessed to be part of a church like that in Australia. So as we look at the growth now and people ask us “did you expect this” our answer is “of course, and more!” Healthy things grow! Sure it takes time in the beginning, and thats ok. But when you make disciples week after week, there is a point where it changes and it gets simpler to grow. For us in the beginning we were seeing ALOT of people visit church but not staying because we didn’t have the community or leadership to handle the people. But once we had built the core, we started to keep the new christians and really grow.

My wife also loves church planting! We were told that church planting would be bad for marriage and a lot of other negatives that i wont bother going into but we have found the opposite to be true. Church planting has been a huge blessing to my marriage. Being under great leaders has been a huge blessing to my marriage. Working with good people, and not working with nasty people has been great for my marriage. Giving big financially and every other way has been one of the greatest JOYS in our lives. We couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

Im more and more passionate about seeing more urban church planting in the world! Seeing young leaders building churches for the next generation. Sure,  you might not be in the spot light while your starting from scratch, but I’ve done a bit of both and what keeps me awake at night with excitement isn’t a spotlight, but changing a nation through discipleship ( training new christians to be leaders)  When you win your friends, baptize them, help them overcome challenges and disciple them into leadership it will move your soul more than any crowd! it’s certainly been that way for me! Go and share with someone today!!

I want to know why church planting/ discipleship has a bad rap in some circles? let me know your thoughts if you have some! 

7 thoughts on “Church Planting and marriage

  1. Hi Luke,
    The response I received from people when we were preparing to plant INChurch Darwin and since planting the church is ” wow, that must be really hard”. or “How do you start a church from scratch?” “How do you get people to come to your church?” – All responses that leave me thinking, why would that stop me? The whole purpose is to share the gospel & I know people will respond to that message and desire to grow in their relationship with God.
    I think some people do not want to leave the comfort of their home church, particularly if it is a large, well resourced church.
    People may bag out discipleship – but I totally believe this is what Jesus called us to do and I’m not going to argue with the word of God to Go and Make Disciples!! Discipleship produces healthy fruit that will last.
    Personally, I find church planting/discipleship to be the most rewarding and challenging thing I have ever done.

  2. Thanks Nicole!

    You guys are amazing!

    “Personally, I find church planting/discipleship to be the most rewarding and challenging thing I have ever done.” — Could not agree more!!

    Seems like you have come from a church which is a discipling church too. Ill be with your crew in Penrith in July – cant wait!

    God Bless! Luke

  3. I’d love to hear your testimony someday of how you got started on this journey of church planting! It is part of my dream to be involved in church planting! Building into the life of someone, watching them grow to the point that they are then reaching others, is the best thing yet!

  4. I know this is an old post from you but I recently have been directed toward starting ministry in Japan as well so I was checking out how and your blog came up. It was a great read and if this gets to you I would love if you could reply back. If it doesn’t I completely understand since this is a 5 year old post.
    Best regards,

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